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The Casablanca V offers 18 discrete channels of immersive audio playback. Since 1996, continuous upgrades for the highly acclaimed Casablanca processor have maintained our vision of a reference-worthy multi-channel audio processor with audiophile performance. Today’s Casablanca V brings the new DIRAC System 2 software into use with the Casablanca V.

The new DSP processing board and new motherboard within the Casablanca V will enhance sound quality and reduce the noise level compared to previous Casablanca processors. The advent of the new motherboards will give the unit greater flexibility to address an ever changing audio video world.

New features in the Casablanca V will include support for wide front channels, additional subwoofers and additional height channels. A new Up Mix feature will allow the use of Dolby or DTS surround modes on either of these standards.  The bass management crossover now includes a -24 dB by -24dB slope option utilizing Linkwitz-Riley technology. A more sophisticated and precise master delay audio circuit advances the flexibility of the Casablanca V for the future.

The Casablanca V will continue our tradition of having prior Casablanca processor models updated to a Casablanca V. This means that units originally released from 1996 onward can now be updated to today’s standards. The Casablanca continues to be made in America. Each Casablanca is individually made to order and fully tested in the USA.

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